Today I would like to introduce the concept of a survival box.

I used to have an expense pyramid used to discern where I needed to make cuts when the going got tough. In the end the choice would be between food and tobacco and the time would come to make some money or suffer. The pyramid doesn’t apply because I am not really skint these days and I quit smoking a couple of years ago.

The survival box comes from the same period of my life. The idea is simple: once you have a very small sum of money left (it was probably a fiver), you buy the essentials, put them in a box and stick it under the bed. That ensures that you have the essentials when you are desperate and that you don’t spend your fiver on 6-for-5. You can see the survival box in these bad pictures taken with my laptop:


Inside you can see cat food and Sainsbury’s Basics kidney beans, some other beans (borlotti?) and chopped tomatoes. The idea is that you always have some rice/pasta lying around and with chopped tomatoes+beans you can live. For about a week. Then you start craving vitamin-rich food.


This is my blog about the background to my life and things I like. I am trying to circumnavigate the phrase ‘lifestyle blog’ because it does have a whiff of wankery coming off it, nothing I can do. But if we forget that for a moment, we can call this a lifestyle blog.

The reason for it existing is that whereas I enjoy nice things, a cosy home and tasty meals, I find that blogs I come across, though interesting, describe a lifestyle that is far removed from my own. I like eating out and reading about food, but restaurant critics never write about places I would want to go to. After much grumbling I decided to come up with something of my own and attract all those like-minded people out of the shadows.

So there it is: rough around the edges, perhaps, but hopefully of use to someone somewhere. I don’t have a digital camera (and if I did, I would not know how to use it properly) so use your imagination to illustrate the text.